Monday, January 21, 2013

My distraction - part 2

The second reason that I've been pressed for time is that my family and I have decided that it's time to leave Switzerland and head back to Asia. A couple of weeks ago I headed over to Bangkok for some interviews and as of August we'll be moving to Jeju Island, off the coast of Korea. The school we'll be working at is called Branksome Hall Asia and is part of the Global Education City that the Korean Government has set up in an effort to keep their nationals in Korea instead of looking overseas for an international education. The original Branksome Hall is located in Toronto and is renowned in North America as a successful all-girls school with over 100 years of history. This was recognised by the Korean Government, who approached them with an offer to set up a campus on Jeju.

The purpose built campus is co-desgined by Peter Kenny, who will also be serving as Director. Glen and JoAnn Radovich, along with Beverley von Zielonka lead the school on the ground. Whilst being designed to provide education for Koreans, students from other nations are also part of the community. Branksome Hall Asia offers co-education up until grade three, from which it becomes an all-girl school.

We've never lived in Korea so that alone will be an exciting adventure. Throw in the added bonuses of being involved in an (almost) start-up school, building the culture from the ground up, a respected leadership team, state of the art facilities all located in an environment that's been described as the Hawaii of Asia, and we think it will a special opportunity for us.

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